Our MFA82 (SEI certified to NFPA 1971-current edition) are manufactured using a Kovenex inner liner, an added layer of palm protection and enhanced 3D design features making them among the
most competitively priced gloves with enhanced features on the market.

✔   60+ TPP - the highest thermal protective heat rating attainable according to NFPA 1971 - current edition

✔   Durable "Wash & Wear" Leather Outer - is combined with highly engineered performance features resulting in a superior heat and a flame-resistant glove that's comfortable to wear

✔   Pyrotect® Moisture Barrier - a breathable waterproof barrier that defends against blood-borne pathogens and provides critical protection from hazardous liquids.


✔   Kovenex™ Inner Liner - is a blend of high-performance FR fibers with unsurpassed levels of heat blocking burn protection. The liner is both bonded and sewn to ensure efficient donning and doffing preventing liner pull-out