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Fire Departments

We Provide a number of different services for fire departments. We carry a huge line of firefighting products that can be seen on our "products" page. We provide Fire Departments fit testing at a discounted rate.

3M Scott Authorized Service Center

We are a certified 3M Scott service center. Which means we can service your Airpacks, Compressor, SCBA Masks, etc. We can do most services on site including mobile flow testing with our Scott service van. We can also train station personnel on basic maintenance/operation.

Fire Extinguishers

We provide sales of Amerex, Buckeye, and Victory fire extinguishers as well as providing mobile service for all types of handheld fire extinguishers. We can also provide you and your staff with training on how to properly operate a fire extinguisher.

Emergency Lighting

We provide sale and testing of Exit and Emergency lights. There is both a 30 second (monthly) and 90 minute (annual) test that can be done. We replace batteries, diagnose problems, and sell new units as needed. 

High-Pressure Hydrotesting

We are capable of hydrotesting anything from a small fire extinguisher to a 6000psi DOT cylinder. We can also hydro test most fire department cylinders including carbon fiber. If you are not capable of filling your cylinder after it is hydrotested, we can fill it for you in most cases.

Fire Extinguisher Demos

We can provide your staff with the necessary training so that they are prepared to use a fire extinguisher. We will explain the different types of fire extinguishers as well as what types of fires each fight. They will also be able to put out a live fire with a real extinguisher. 

Quantitative Fit Testing

We can do quantitative fit testing at our shop or on site at your location. We will provide you with both a print out and a fit test card as well as provide the sales of Scott masks that we have fitted you for. 

3M Scott Certified Training

We provide training for anyone who is utilizing a 3M Scott Safety SCBA. We have 1-8 hour classes ranging from beginner to full-day, hands-on training.

Arctic & 3M Scott Certified Compressor Services

We have certified compressor technicians available to troubleshoot and service your Scott Compressor. Service includes a comprehensive inspection of the compressor, fittings, storage cylinders, and fill station.

Cylinder Refills

We fill almost all SCBA cylinders. Call us today if you have questions pertaining to cylinder fills. 

First Aid Sales & Service

We offer sales of First Aid Kits for any size operation. We also offer servicing of first aid kits in our shop or on your location. We stock all items needed to refill/service your kits!

AED Sales & Service

We offer sales of new and refurbished AED’s as well as wall cabinets.  We can also service your AED, replacing batteries and pads as necessary, and tracking your expiration dates.

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